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To walk alongside individuals and collectives to create a caring and balanced world that builds on the strengths and resilience of Indigenous communities. We build engagement and leadership to advance Indigenous sovereignty and rights, using an intergenerational approach to identify community priorities and solutions.


One Generation’s vision is embodied in the urgency that cultural sovereignty will be restored so that Indigenous communities can and do exercise their right to self-determination and sovereignty in education, economic development, climate, governance, health, holistic wellness, and all aspects of community life and our sense of sacredness among our loved ones. One Generation’s emerging strategy to pursue this vision is twofold: (1) build upon community strengths and assets, particularly in Indigenous Education as a pathway to youth (next generation) leadership and holistic wellness; and (2) partner with philanthropy, national and community organizations, and local stakeholders to ensure communities have the resources they need to thrive and act upon their own visions for prosperity; and support communities in their work to achieve their vision for their communities.

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"Cultural sovereignty is a state of being, a mindset that is possible when a people belonging to a culture exercise the freedom to speak their heritage language without apology and practice their beliefs, values and customs with pride and legitimacy."


“Holistic Culturally Sustaining Equity - to express the need to address all aspects of Indigenous life: our language, culture, and wellness. Some estimates project that only 20 Indigenous languages will be intact by 2050 if we do not act. If we can get one generation to speak the language and grow the number of fluent speakers, we can sustain and increase our languages and increase the livelihood of our languages, culture, and Indigenous knowledge for generations to come.


"There's a connection and understanding when you can see yourself in the education you're receiving," When you realize what drives you, how it's connected to your experience and story, your family's experience and story, the history of your community, that's something that can light a fire under anybody."

Of the total annual funding provided by U.S. foundations between 2002-2016, only 0.4 percent went to Native American communities and causes. The Native American population composes 2.09 percent of the entire U.S. population and is disproportionately represented among statistics that demonstrate barriers to opportunity that philanthropy is ostensibly committed to solving, including poverty, high school graduation, work force, access to capital and health disparities, among others.