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In 2022 we partnered with Amazon and the NACA Inspired Schools Network to launch a new computer science initiative for Indigenous students in middle and high school. The program will enable access to quality computer science education and career opportunities for youth, and break down barriers that keep Indigenous youth from pursuing careers in computer science and related fields. 

Indigenous educators will work with to craft programs and curriculum that offers relevant, culturally contextualized lessons on computer science. Computer science curriculum holds a variety of meaningful opportunities to integrate Indigenous thought, history, culture, and concepts. As examples, an Indigenized computer science course might make algorithms more relevant by encouraging students to draw a connection between algorithms and Indigenous cultural protocols, which also can involve clearly defined procedures and steps that are called upon in specific contexts for specific purposes. Or, in addition to teaching binary numbers, an Indigenized curriculum might build conceptual understanding by exploring the number systems used by Indigenous communities, including the Mayan base 20 system. 

Through guided lessons and engaged inquiry, students will learn to define for themselves how computer science can help solve local issues and build solutions grounded in Indigenous values. This program will connect 10,000 Indigenous students in New Mexico with relevant, culturally responsive curriculum focused on teaching coding, computer programming, and robotics. 

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